The Writing Body: 8 Quick Exercises For A Healthy Writing Year

It’s not as dangerous as ski jumping or skeleton of course, but we all know that sitting to write for long periods can cause significant damage to the body.

Here are some easy exercises to incorporate into your writing day.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and inspired year of writing!

1. Shoulders and neck

Clasp your hands behind your back. Pull your Continue reading


In Search of the Perfect Ending

The End(s)Why am I writing about story endings when the very thought makes me want to whimper and hide my head under my pillow?

Endings! Endings! Oh the agony! But oh the sweetness when you get the right one!

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4 Causes of Writers’ Neck and Shoulder Pain.

My beautiful pictureCaught up in the flow of writing, the last thing on my mind is how I am sitting. I only think about that when an actual pain starts interfering with my writing. An aching shoulder, a stiff neck… Continue reading