In Search Of A Writer-Friendly Computer Chair

I often feel like Goldilocks when I sit down. I so rarely find a comfortable chair! The seat of this one is too deep and sinks too far back where the chair back meets the seat. That one’s too high and has no support for my back. And that other one’s too low and the headrest forces my head forward.

Where’s my ‘just right’ chair?

When I gave up my dance life and chose a sit-and-write life, I tried any number of chairs to use at my laptop. I’d get one thing right (for example, position of the keyboard) and everything else would be wrong (my feet didn’t touch the floor; I had to look down at the screen).

“Get a desk chair,” my husband said.

Nah! They were too expensive and so very ugly.

But I needed to find something I could sit on that would be at least not too uncomfortable for fairly long stretches of time.

Exercise balls? No. Kneeling stool? Nope. Australian saddle seat? My dentist swore by it. Maybe I would have too, if Continue reading

Need Some Relief for Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Once again I’m having problems with a sore neck and shoulder.

I know this is because I sit at a computer for long hours. I also know it’s because I haven’t worked out the correct ergonomic alignment for my body with my desk and chair. Neither is adjustable so I’m always adding and taking away blocks, books, cushions, Pilates cushions, and back supports. (And I carry around bags that are far too heavy!)

Waking up in real pain this morning, I chose a Feldenkrais lesson podcast* at random. I just wanted to focus on something other than the soreness.

“Covering the Eyes” a short lesson given by Stewart Hamblin of the Feldenkrais Guild UK, turned out to be a real gift.

The movements are minimal so you don’t need much space other than a spot where you can lie on the floor.

I don’t want to describe the lesson in detail as that might take away from the immediacy of the experience, but I will say that the first set of instruction for ‘covering the eyes’ turned out to be quite an – ahem – eye opener!

The directions for the eye movements were very specific and detailed, and the usual ho-hum ‘look right’ and ‘look left’ evolved into a completely new experience. These segued into other eye movements I hadn’t done before – the effect on my eye muscles and my neck muscles was quite extraordinary.

If you’re suffering from sore or tired eyes, or from any tension in the neck or jaw, or in fact any tension, do try the lesson. It takes about half an hour, but I’d suggest giving yourself time for a little contemplative break afterwards to take in and enjoy the full effect and sensation of release.

For those of you who do the lesson, I’m very curious to know how you found it. Could you let me know in the Comments Box below?

* Feldenkrais lesson podcasts are available free on iTunes: Feldenkrais Guild UK on alonetone

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