Need A Creative Boost? Wild Write!

This year I set out to write a ‘Blurt’ – what I now think of as a ‘Wild Write’ – every week. I wasn’t very precise about what I intended, just that I wanted to make the most of a few spare minutes by writing something new (most likely fiction) that I would commit to posting on my blog.


I was looking for a creative boost.

I needed to find a way to look afresh at my collection of stories and novella. I’d been working on them for quite a while and they had become just too familiar. I was hungry to get into new stories but wasn’t prepared to commit a lot of time to new material as my priority was to finish the collection.

I was nervous! Would I be able to write something quickly that could be made public? Was I crazy to go against the advice of people far more experienced than myself?

“Don’t waste time on a blog,” I’d read. “Focus on your ‘real’ writing.”

“Don’t post stories on your blog as they will then be considered published and no journal will accept them,” was another piece of advice.

But I decided to go ahead all the same.

With just over Continue reading


The Silk Painter

The Silk Painter

The ivory silk stretched taut on the frame, tethered by pins at each end. Her brush whispered down the length of it, slashes of red dye instantly softening.

“You’ve been doing this for many years,” he said.

“I’ve been doing this for many years,” she agreed. Now the blue. Now a golden ray. She sprinkled salt and the ray burst into a thousand suns.

She was aware of him hovering, watching, searching for some clue. But she was not there to provide him with clues. Those he had to find for himself.

Next she chose black. This black wasn’t to hide, but to reveal.


2016 is my year of the Thursday Blurt. These are quick-writes, when I take advantage of a spare five, ten minutes and write whatever comes to mind, starting with something tangible, something I can see, smell, taste or hear or touch as I start to write. If the blurt turns out to be a story, great. If it doesn’t, tant pis.

Please note: all stories and material on this website, except for comments by others, are © Susi Lovell .

Watch For The Warp

The floor in the corridor was warped. The wood beneath the carpet lifted, jigged higher on the right, lower on the left, then dipped abruptly.

The trouble was, each time they passed, it never warped in quite the same way. If they stepped without thinking, without watching, they could find themselves Continue reading

The Low Green Door

“The Low Green Door” is the first of my weekly writing ‘blurts’. You can read why I decided to make this my 2016 New Year’s Resolution here.


The Low Green Door

That girl with the curly hair, she looks like a kid out of a storybook, the kind of kid that nips through a low green door half-hidden by brambles and roses and wisteria, the kind you go through and then can’t find again so you Continue reading