The Low Green Door

“The Low Green Door” is the first of my weekly writing ‘blurts’. You can read why I decided to make this my 2016 New Year’s Resolution here.


The Low Green Door

That girl with the curly hair, she looks like a kid out of a storybook, the kind of kid that nips through a low green door half-hidden by brambles and roses and wisteria, the kind you go through and then can’t find again so you wander and wander up and down the cobbled streets with the tall stone houses, wondering which one is yours, knowing none of them are because your house is small with only one storey and with curtains drawn across the windows so the light doesn’t disturb the dark wood furniture polished to the kind of gleam in which you can see your reflection so you think you’re looking into a pool of water, the kind surrounded by trees full of birds singing gloriously with the kind of chirruping and warbling that makes you want to open your mouth and sing and sing the kind of songs that make you feel happy and young again, like a kid with curly hair skipping through a low green door half hidden behind brambles and roses and wisteria.

Quebec City


Thursday Blurts are quick-writes. The idea is to write whatever comes to mind, starting with something tangible, something I can see, smell, taste or hear or touch as I start to write. If the blurt turns out to be a story, great. If it doesn’t, tant pis.

Please note: all stories and material on this website, except for comments by others, are © Susi Lovell and must be credited as such. Please contact me if you’d like to use part or all of any of these blurts.


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