New Year’s Resolution? Blurt Writing!

Quebec City

Towards the end of 2015 I went for three days to Quebec City.

When I go away I like to write a story a day but I knew I wouldn’t have time to write much in Quebec City. There were simply too many interesting things to do there in too short a time.

So I decided to write ‘blurts’ – five or so minute writing sprints whenever I had the opportunity. While waiting in a line or for a coffee, or for my husband to finish the crossword…

I had such a great time with these blurts – so many surprises and rewards – that I decided I wanted to keep them part of my regular writing life.Quebec City

A huge plus is that they provide me with much needed zaps of creative energy as I continue to work on a longer manuscript, re-writing and editing work that I’ve re-written and edited over a fairly long period of time.

The problem? Even though I know there are plenty of five/ten minute periods when I could easily sit down and write, back home in my regular routine they seem to slide past without me picking up a pen.

How to keep myself writing blurts?

I’d been wanting to do something different with my blog in 2016… Well, what if I commit to posting one blurt a week through 2016 – 52 by the end of the year?

But the blurts can’t be any old nonsensical gobbledegook of course. They have to have some sort of logic. That will be the real challenge!

There’s no day of the week that begins with a ‘b’ to create a catchy buzz with blurt so I’ve chosen Thursday – they both contair ‘ur’, which means (thanks German of studies years ago and Concise Oxford Dictionary) ‘primitive,’ or ‘original’. Seems appropriate!

Want to join me? Yes! Just paste the link to your ‘blurt’ in the comments box below my weekly blurt. I’d love to see what you are doing and I’m sure others would too!

My blurts start this Thursday, 7 January.


19 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution? Blurt Writing!

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  10. That sounds exciting Susi! Just a thought about Quebec. In Normandy they have the same name on a town, but we have too 12 km from my town Herning in Denmark is Kibaek. The Vikings came from that place and took the name with then to Normandy !


    • That’s so interesting. I wonder what Kibaek means. Do you know if there are any theories about that? “Quebec” is supposed to be from the Algonquin word for “narrow passage” – the city is on the St. Lawrence River where it becomes more narrow. Not that it is exactly narrow there! But it’s less wide!


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