New Horizons at the Blue Snail Convention

Blue Snails, Place des Spectacles, Montréal, July 2015

When Barry transmogrified into a blue snail he knew who was to blame: Alice. He was torn between admiration and fury. How amazing that she was able to turn a perfectly normal human being into a blue snail! But how infuriating that she’d chosen to use her special skill on him.

His first thought was to storm over to her place and beg her to change him back into a human but he wasn’t going to give her that satisfaction.

No, he’d stay a blue snail and what’s more, he’d enjoy it. He’d be the happiest blue snail ever. That would show her!

Barry was nothing if not methodical. The first thing he did – after checking out his new little house and working out what blue snails liked to eat – was sign up for the Blue Snail Convention.

That was where he met Delia.

Delia! His beautiful blue gastropod. Delia with her deliciously curvaceous shell, her lovely soft body. How could he ever thank Alice enough?

Not only did he meet Delia but he was voted Mr. Blue Snail Congeniality and has the certificate to prove it to Alice.


The blue snails were sighted in Montreal’s Place des Spectacles, July 2015.

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

Like Barry, the new Blue Snail, it’s time for me to search out a new horizon. My new year’s resolution for 2016 was to blurt out a very short story or a poem every week to post on my blog. This is Blurt #50. Only two more to go! What’s next for my blog? I’m thinking, I’m thinking…


What do you think?

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