Lonesome Road



The brook murmurs
hurried secrets to
the rocks as it rushes
by. Farewell, farewell
it murmurs, I’ll not pass
this way again. Bullfrog
lies spreadeagled among
leaves and blue sky. A twang
from the cattails reminds
me of a certain guitarist
singing of lonesome
roads. The sun beats
down. I’ve put on sun lotion
to be safe. The shadow of
the big tree creeps


3 thoughts on “Lonesome Road

  1. Love this poem, because I can visually “see” the movement of swimming in it. As well as the auditory hint of where the “twang” leads to!
    Do not often have time to follow up on the “likes” but my guess is your like has to do with the post “Seamless?” From my perusing, I like what I see on your blog.
    In your About section – wow, you’re serious about your interests – haven’t met many who have pursued writing and dancing (at the same time?)

    Liked by 1 person

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