Lonesome Road



The brook murmurs
hurried secrets to
the rocks as it rushes
by. Farewell, farewell
it murmurs, I’ll not pass
this way again. Bullfrog
lies spreadeagled among
leaves and blue sky. A twang
from the cattails reminds
me of a certain guitarist
singing of lonesome
roads. The sun beats
down. I’ve put on sun lotion
to be safe. The shadow of
the big tree creeps


Today I Feel Like Singing



I do not sing often. I
do not have a sweet
tone nor do I recognize
notes but today
I feel like singing.
An ode, I think. Yes, an ode
will be perfect. An ode to
joy. Are you ready? You must
brace yourself. You can’t say
I didn’t warn you that my tone
is not the most harmonious or
dulcet. Indeed, it has
been compared to a summer’s
rake drawn savagely across a Continue reading