Today I Feel Like Singing



I do not sing often. I
do not have a sweet
tone nor do I recognize
notes but today
I feel like singing.
An ode, I think. Yes, an ode
will be perfect. An ode to
joy. Are you ready? You must
brace yourself. You can’t say
I didn’t warn you that my tone
is not the most harmonious or
dulcet. Indeed, it has
been compared to a summer’s
rake drawn savagely across a Continue reading


Waiting: A Writing Lesson From A Samurai Bullfrog


I should be writing. Instead I’m sitting at the water’s edge of the pond, watching an enormous bullfrog.


He (she?) is sitting there, immobile. He’s waiting. Like me.

Except he’s waiting for insects and I’m waiting for ideas about how to end the story I’m working on. It’s a little story and I’ve spent far too much time on it, but I can’t seem to let it go.

“Better times come to those who wait.” So they say. Not necessarily. It depends on how you wait!

I’ve never been good at waiting. Usually I get too impatient and try push things ahead – which is when something inevitably goes wrong, whether I’m writing or trying to change a hotel room because I don’t like being next to the ice machine. I take the story somewhere it really doesn’t want to go and find myself blocked; I end up in a room with a brick wall two inches from the window.

But there’s waiting…and waiting.

What about active Continue reading

In The Ice Storm: Listening To Trees Talk

ice storm Quebec 2013It takes a pick-axe to break up the 18 inch sheet of ice over the path and the steps (thank you, thank you, dear neighbors!) but the electricity is on again after five days. Even though we’ve no water because a pipe burst the night the temperature went down to -30, we can now supplement the wood stove with the electrical heaters – and I can use my laptop. Time to storm, Eastern Townships QC, 2013

But I’m outside. I try not to stand under the trees in case any branches fall. That’s hard – we’re in the woods. Continue reading