Today I Feel Like Singing



I do not sing often. I
do not have a sweet
tone nor do I recognize
notes but today
I feel like singing.
An ode, I think. Yes, an ode
will be perfect. An ode to
joy. Are you ready? You must
brace yourself. You can’t say
I didn’t warn you that my tone
is not the most harmonious or
dulcet. Indeed, it has
been compared to a summer’s
rake drawn savagely across a
gravel path. So leave now
if you must. I do not wish
to be disturbed while singing

my ode to the joy of the sweet curve
in the stiff-legged R/r, the comforting
paunch of the parent, the tentative
hand of the child. Imagine!
No curve – no R/r. No R/r – no rhyme
or reason, no rhythm or roots or
reflections. And what of air and birds?
Where would they be? What of
verily (as in: I love you) and over-
wrought adventures and verdant arms
embracing? Of heart and requiem, regret,
revival? Of relishing the mysteries in
glistering drops as we linger
in the forests of the world?

dew on spider web


Thank you for dropping by to read this week’s Blurt. It was inspired by the Daily Prompt Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve. The date of this newspaper clipping I found in an old book is 26 October 1957.

Please note: all materials on this site, except for comments by others, is ©Susi Lovell.


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