Mirror, Mirror, You’re So Mean

mirror, Georgian House, Edinburgh


Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
My most constant companion and partner of all,
Tell me I’ll win my handsome rich love
And make his heart flutter like the wings of a dove.

My Lady, you’ll snag the gent you desire
For your beauty enchants like sweet songs from a lyre.

Then why do you show me this hideous face –
Grim, haggard, addled and lacking all grace?

My Lady, I’m trying my very best,
But it’s not at all easy to fulfill your request.

Mirror, Mirror, you’re so mean and unkind
To show me this face like a donkey’s behind.

Lady, the problem’s not mine if the truth be told,
For I shine most brilliantly in my frame of gold.


Inspired by The Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

The mirror was photographed in The Georgian House, Edinburgh.


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