The Opposite End of the Rainbow


When she arrived at the end of the rainbow, she immediately pulled a shovel out of her backpack and started digging.

“Excuse me,” the sheep said. “I know this is going to be upsetting…” His voice was sympathetic and kindly. “But…”

She dug furiously. Her t-shirt was already stained with sweat.

“I should tell you right away that…”

She threw the shovel aside and crouched down to scoop out the earth with her hands.

“…this is the wrong end.”

Rocks, worms, pieces of root, great clumps of mud flew through the air.

“The pot of gold?” the sheep said. “It’s at the other end of the rainbow. This end is the opposite end.”


Just the top of her head was visible now.

“It’s not fair,” the sheep said. “It’s a rotten job. I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t want it. Do you think it’s any fun to tell people they’ve arrived at the wrong end of the rainbow? Do you think I enjoy seeing the disappointment, the sense of failure, the resignation?”

He dodged a rock hurtling through the air. There was no sign of her now. Grunts and gasps and groans floated up faintly, as though from a great depth.

“No, I don’t,” he yelled down into the pit. “Of course I don’t enjoy it. Who would? It’s a miserable job telling people they’re at the wrong end of the rainbow. I wouldn’t wish this job on anyone.”


Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites.

All material on this site, except for comments by others, is ©Susi Lovell.

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