Need A Creative Boost? Wild Write!

This year I set out to write a ‘Blurt’ – what I now think of as a ‘Wild Write’ – every week. I wasn’t very precise about what I intended, just that I wanted to make the most of a few spare minutes by writing something new (most likely fiction) that I would commit to posting on my blog.


I was looking for a creative boost.

I needed to find a way to look afresh at my collection of stories and novella. I’d been working on them for quite a while and they had become just too familiar. I was hungry to get into new stories but wasn’t prepared to commit a lot of time to new material as my priority was to finish the collection.

I was nervous! Would I be able to write something quickly that could be made public? Was I crazy to go against the advice of people far more experienced than myself?

“Don’t waste time on a blog,” I’d read. “Focus on your ‘real’ writing.”

“Don’t post stories on your blog as they will then be considered published and no journal will accept them,” was another piece of advice.

But I decided to go ahead all the same.

With just over a quarter of the year and fifteen Blurts/Wild Writes under my belt, it turns out that these stories are quite different from my regular writing – more slipstream/magic realism.

They are loads of fun to write – although they do sometimes take a little more time than I had intended.

Sometimes it’s hard to break away from working on my novella to focus on generating something totally new and I resent that – until I get caught up in the new story!

Of course I feel more satisfied with some of the Blurts than with others.

But what I’ve really been enjoying is the payoff!

  • I’m far more productive;
  • I feel more energized with all my writing;
  • I have more fresh ideas with the stories in my collection. Constantly coming up with new material for the ‘Wild Writes’ keeps me open to all sorts of possibilities. The characters I know so well from my collection now often surprise me with their actions and reactions. We all know what fun it is when that happens!

If you’re looking for a creative boost, I’d really encourage you to try a weekly Wild Write/Blurt.


2 thoughts on “Need A Creative Boost? Wild Write!

  1. Your “blurts” have been so much fun to read – I am glad that you have been enjoying writing them! It is encouraging to hear that there have been residual benefits too. When my poetry gets too familiar, as you say, the various “poetry generators” sites I use help me to take a fresh perspective and get a creative boost (different mechanism, I know, but the sentiment and results are similar!).

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