Ice Cubes, Kangaroos and Canadian Cows

Canadian Weekend 1979This week from the Time Capsule: the magazine Canadian Weekend November 1979.

Some things just read differently now. For example the headline: “Wonderful WONDERFUL Wonder Weed“… the article is talking about seaweed.

My favourite article is “Kangaroos Are Peculiar to Canada,” tidbits from student essays compiled by a teacher of Canadian history in the U.S. “There are many animals peculiar to Canada. Just for one, it would be peculiar to see a kangaroo there.”

Given the present U.S. brouhaha over Canada’s dairy industry this quote should probably be noted: “While most cows can only give milk, some Canadian cows have been taught how to give dairy products.”

Now for my own compilation – a found poem made up of phrases taken from different headlines, articles and ads in the magazine.

Two nice ice cubes
Is this all there is to human life?
Bartenders have a knack for
unique blending
sad songs
a large ego
passages from Emerson or Thoreau.

Trying to swim across
the line between
a solid gold toilet
and challenge and adventure
things are all pretty much touch and go

if you get my drift.
Hold up another ice cube.

Canada is filled with the Great Outdoors. One of their main products is Utopia. Kangaroos Are Peculiar to Canada


2 thoughts on “Ice Cubes, Kangaroos and Canadian Cows

    • Had you kept them specially, Chris, or did they just happen to be lining a box? It’s a bit sad one doesn’t line drawers with newspaper any more! Any good inspiration from them?


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