Doors to the Past – Open or Leave Closed?

Mulroney-Reagan Trade Deal 1988 - Warren Allmand MP ReportLast week I wimped out of my Time Capsule project (my door to the past).

The booklet I pulled out was distributed by our Member of Parliament in 1988 detailing the reasons why the Mulroney-Reagan Trade Deal was not a good idea.

Quite the coincidence that I should find it now, given that President Trump has just opened the door to renegotiating the trade deal (now NAFTA)….

I did try to make a blackout poem with a page of the text but it just didn’t work.

This week the Time Capsule produced the 1995 Quebec Referendum booklet giving the pros and cons of voting oui/yes or non/no to opening the door to Quebec leaving Canada.

1995 Quebec Referendum

1995 Quebec ReferendumI really don’t want to remember the night of the Referendum. The result was so close. Scary. It took a long time for the sad sour feeling to fade.

I didn’t feel like playing around with that (plus it was in French – fine if we’re chatting but not so easy if I’m trying to be creative!) so I broke my own rules and dipped into the Time Capsule a second time.

Ah! Much better! Real (printed) photos! And a door among them…

The photo is pre-digital (and I’ve no idea where the negative is) so I had to scan it to upload it but then had trouble pasting it into this post. Do you know the trick for doing that properly? If so, I’d be very grateful if you’d share the secret or put a link in the comments box below.


This old barn is one of my favourites in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. I love the ramp up to the higher level and the huge doors that open onto the threshing floor.

Eastern Townships barn, QC

I’ve been passing the barn for more than twenty-five years but every time I stop to take a photo. Just can’t resist!


Inspired by Norm.2‘s Thursday Doors


4 thoughts on “Doors to the Past – Open or Leave Closed?

    • The strange thing is that I nearly always take the photos from the same angle – although some are close and others closer! I think it’s so I can get the mountains in. That’s interesting about not liking paintings of barns but loving photos of them. Maybe you haven’t yet seen the right paintings!!!

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  1. I love that old scan from the Easter Townships, and that last shot with the sun on the edge of the horizon is gorgeous.
    I do remember so much acrimony during the ’95 referendum. At the time I worked for a national distributor based in Montréal and for weeks leading up to the vote we received faxes and letters from customers in other provinces saying they would not accept shipments from a Québec based company the day after, if the vote went Yes. Fun times indeed 😦

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