2017: Unlocking the Time Capsule

steamer trunk lock

When my husband and I came to Canada in January 1976 we started gathering odd bits and pieces in a Time Capsule.

I can’t now remember why! Nor do I remember when we stopped.

But this year – 41 years later and Canada’s 150th anniversary – I’ve decided it’s time for us to open the Time Capsule – an old steamer trunk we bought in Toronto – to see what’s in there.

Going by the weight, there’s a lot! If I remember right it’s mostly paper – show programmes, interesting flyers, old newspaper articles and magazines, old postcards and other written memorabilia we came across in our daily lives or in second hand stores…

Yesterday, January 1, I opened the Time Capsule. So that’s why we stopped – the steamer trunk is full to bursting!

I told my husband to close his eyes and reach in and pick one thing.

Every Wednesday during 2017, I’ll share whatever we pull out in our weekly Lucky Dip (my turn next!) into the Time Capsule. Starting this Wednesday…


13 thoughts on “2017: Unlocking the Time Capsule

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  9. This is a cool idea. A few years ago, my wife and I designated a time travel summer. We read two time travel stories by Jack Finney and visited some significant places from our past: a cottage (still the same) my family used to vacation in, the place (not still the same) I proposed to her, the small rental house where we brought our first two children home from the hospital, etc. I highly recommend time traveling…


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