Brides and Beach Companions

Housewife June 1950



Folds flat, collapses neatly: Beach Companion.
To make:
cut, mark, turn, tack
backstitch, snip, turn, tack
overstitch. Knot at the top of opening
neaten fringe ends.



Housewife June 1950

Brides remain
as much as ever –
rather summery.
A coupon is on
page 179.


Housewife June 1950

Go by night
in complete privacy
by post
in pyjamas.


Housewife June 1950

Finding inspiration in items pulled from my Time Capsule.

This week: Housewife, June 1950.

I took three separate sections from the magazine and in each blacked everything out leaving only odd words or letters visible. I’ve kept the words in the order in which they appeared in the original text.

Then I put the blacked-out poem together with a picture that appears somewhere else in the journal.


Those who are getting married will find the lists of house linen etc. useful, and, to judge by the letters we get, the pages on etiquette will be a boon to many a bride and her mother. Housewife, June 1950


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