The Ugly Sister’s Version

The Georgian House, Edinburgh

The big party tonight is all everyone talks about in our house. What to wear: the sparkly red shoes that pinch the toes or the green satin ones that slip off the heel? The salmon dress with maroon flounces or the yellow and lime green? Hair up with curly tendrils over the forehead or ringlets over the shoulder? Should George drive the coach alone in full livery or should Tom, his boy, be in attendance too, also in livery?

By everyone, I mean of course Mummy and Emelda, my older sister.

“But I want to stay home tonight,” I wail. I’m reading this terrific book about a man on a desert island, but I can’t tell Mummy that. She detests books.

“How will you find a husband if you stay at home?” Mummy asks, primping up the bow in my hair. I jerk my head away. I want to be in a shipwreck and washed up on a desert island, not find a husband.

Later I catch Freddie as he’s about to go into his study. Mummy snagged Freddie last summer. Just in time, according to Mummy’s financial advisor. I tell him about needing to stay home to read my book, hoping Continue reading


Looking For A February Treat? Try A Reading Week.

my reading list!February! Still cold. More snow – a lot – coming down. It’s time for something special. No, I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day, nor even about International Book Giving Day.

My special something? A Reading Week.

Now is the perfect time to gather all those books you’ve been wanting to read. And read them. A terrific February treat to go with those Valentine’s chocolates and the Olympics!

On my list:

  • “One Good Story, That One” by Thomas King. I pounced on this in The Word, one of my two favorite second-hand bookstore in Montreal (the other is Odyssey) as soon as I saw it because I so enjoyed King’s novel “Green Grass, Running Water.” I’ve made a start on this collection and love the cover design, love the stories, the stupendous Continue reading

When Someone Reads What You’ve Written

well salted Montreal street outside Montreal General HospitalYou’d think that celebrated award-winning children’s author David Elliott couldn’t possibly complain of a shortage of readers. But in a recent post on his website he shares his disappointment with a particular publishing experience.

I was impressed that an author with such a large following would be so honest about a less than stellar publication experience, and was as happy as if I’d written the book myself when I learned that all was not lost… that David had received Continue reading