International Book Giving Day

I had never heard of this February 14th tradition – until I read this blog by Stella Tarakson, telling me how to ‘spread the love’.

Stella Tarakson

February 14 isn’t just for lovers – it’s also for book lovers. So put away that chocolate (or gulp it down quickly) and pick up a book! Valentine’s Day is International Book Giving Day, a day dedicated to getting books into the hands of as many children as possible. The books can be new or used, and the aim is to spread the love of reading to the next generation.

ibgd-blog-badge200pxThe volunteer initiative offers three simple suggestions:

1. Give a book to a friend or relative

This is a great way to get kids you know into the spirit of giving and reading.

2. Leave a book in a waiting room or lobby

Pick a place where you know kids get stuck waiting, and where boredom may be a problem. Doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms are ideal. Choose a fun book and surreptitiously leave it lying around where a…

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3 thoughts on “International Book Giving Day

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    • I’m disappointed that the re-blog had typo errors in it that weren’t in your original (apostrophe turns into ?). I’ve been Googling to try and find how to change these back but no luck so far. Thanks for letting me re-blog. It’s not something I usually do, but I think it’s an interesting and fun idea and worth sharing.


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