When Someone Reads What You’ve Written

well salted Montreal street outside Montreal General HospitalYou’d think that celebrated award-winning children’s author David Elliott couldn’t possibly complain of a shortage of readers. But in a recent post on his website he shares his disappointment with a particular publishing experience.

I was impressed that an author with such a large following would be so honest about a less than stellar publication experience, and was as happy as if I’d written the book myself when I learned that all was not lost… that David had received a very special request: one young reader wanted only one thing for Christmas – an autographed copy of that very book.

I know that feeling of delight when you discover someone has read what you’ve written.

Every day I’ve been going with my husband to the Montreal General Hospital for his radiation treatment. The hospital is at the top of a very steep hill. Given the amount of snow that’s fallen and the frigid temperatures, the last little strip of sidewalk is quite a challenge. Huge fun for the kids from a nearby school sliding down, but terrifying for those more frail and those (me) whose wrist is newly out of a cast. Every other sidewalk is well gritted, just not this one section.

So I wrote. I went into Montreal’s online portal and sent a request to the city to grit that particular sidewalk.


This week I wrote again, explaining the problem once more.

This morning the sidewalk was totally cleared of snow and bright blue from all the special non-salt salt that had been spread over it.

What joy! Someone had read what I’d written.


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