Montreal Mural Festival

When summer rolls around in Montreal, you can be sure of a couple of things: road works which send you off on complicated detours and festivals!

One of my absolute favourite festivals is the Mural Festival.

Two weeks to watch the artists at work and the murals emerge, and to wander up and down St Laurent without having to worry about traffic. And maybe visit the Breton crêperie or the Portuguese bakery or any number of coffee places or clothes boutiques, or the Enchanted Forest, a park taken over by yoga, dance, musicians and Lululemon for the duration of the Festival. I’d never realized before how very relaxing it is to listen to a yoga class but not actually do it!

Seeing as there’s not an infinite amount of wall space available, it’s inevitable that older murals get painted over. Or built over. I was sad to see this one has disappeared. For some reason it always made me laugh. It looked so realistic.Montreal Mural Festival 2016

The old lady with the paint spray is a long time survivor.

Montreal Mural Festival

New this year, this mural by Aydin Matlabiet. See the door?


Are these doors part of the festival? Or inspired door owners?


Fido stand, Montreal Mural Festival 2017


Afternoon shadows made this photo of the yellow door difficult! Very clever of Fido – you pose on the image on the ground and have a photo taken of your daring escape?/entry? on your cellphone!Fido stand, Montreal Mural Festival 2017

Some non-door murals….

Jason Wasserman (Canada)

Jason Wasserman (Canada) Montreal Mural Festival 2017


Richard Cavolo (Spain)

Ricardo Cavolo (Spain), Montreal Mural Festival 2017

Sbu One (Canada)

Sbu One (Canada) Montreal Mural Festival 2017

Bezt (Poland)

Bezt (Poland) Mural Festival, Montreal, 2017

No way can we forget Leonard Cohen in Montreal – Kevin Ledo (Canada)

Leonard Cohen by Kevin Ledo (Canada), Montreal Mural Festival 2017


Enjoy doors from around the world at Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors



22 thoughts on “Montreal Mural Festival

  1. I couldn’t get the mural festival this year but I remember it as a great event. I recognize some of the older murals that you posted here. I hope to get to Montreal in September or October. Rochester also has a mural event in July but it’s not quite as large and centralized as the one in Montreal. Street art in Toronto hasn’t got to that point yet. Murals have become quite popular which I think is a good thing.

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  2. Awesome shots Susi. I haven’t been yet, but if the weather holds out we’re planning on taking a walk around there this weekend to check out the new creations. Half the fun is finding the doors hidden in the murals 😉

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