Montreal Grand Prix, French Lessons and Minis

I’m not a fan of the Grand Prix – the noise (pounding music, screaming tires, revving engines), the wasted resources (yes, I know, those tourist dollars coming into Montreal – but think of the taxpayers’ subsidies going out), the ‘vroom virus’ that infects even normally sedate drivers, making street crossing an extreme sport.

On the other hand, some of the doors are impressive.

Montreal Grand Prix 2017

What’s with the doors that open upwards? Is that to get the sleek look? Or is it for aerodynamics? Or simply for the wow effect?

Grand Prix Montreal 2017

Grand Prix Montreal 2017Lots of Porsches around town. They always remind me of a marvelous Porsche-owning French teacher at my daughter’s school who gave her class a lesson (in French of course) on how to get into and out of a Porsche without revealing too much leg, and how to find the ignition and start the engine. His other lessons were equally fun… One of my daughter’s assignments for that class was a presentation on the proper way to eat lobster. It got off to a great start when she popped open a tub of mayonnaise and it exploded everywhere! Grand Prix Montreal 2017

I had to go into Montreal on Sunday morning and thought I might get some photos of hot cars on Crescent (where the beautiful people gather!) without the crowds.

Everything, bandstand and all, had been cleaned up. Hardly a soul around.

But dozens and dozens of Minis.Mini - Grand Prix Montreal 2017Grand Prix Montreal 2017Grand Prix Montreal 2017 - Minis

My first car was a Mini. Pale blue. Love at first sight. I paid £25 for it in about 1966. The flower decals (hey, it was the ’60s!) cost another £5.




Enjoy doors from around the world at Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors – click on the blue frog!


6 thoughts on “Montreal Grand Prix, French Lessons and Minis

  1. I used to love going to the GP but now the crowds getting on and off the island where the race is held are just too much for me.
    Great idea to get to Crescent Street before the crowds. You got some unobstructed shots that you could never get in the afternoon.

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  2. Nice cars and I wish my teachers had been like your daughter’s! It would have been an essential part of education to learn how to eat a lobster and sit in a Porsche 🙂


    • The fact that I heard them talking about their French lessons out of school shows he certainly got their attention. And how nice to dream about driving Porsches and lobsters while learning about the subjunctive or whatever!

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  3. I was in Montreal on the weekend but only got downtown on Monday. I used to live on Nun’s Island and the noise from the race was awful.


    • Nun’s Island – that would be a tough place to be during the races. I imagine that one gets both the roar and that constant buzz – and it would probably be especially loud because of the river.


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