See Those Scars?

Mother Earth, Montreal Botanical Gardens, 2013

See those scars?

One slicing across Mother Earth’s forehead just above the eyebrows, the other across her cheeks.

Another mine blasted open, another drill driven deep.


There’s no spare planet earth


Thank you for dropping by to read this week’s Blurt. It was inspired by the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare.

Please note: all material on this website, except for comments by others, is © Susi Lovell.


12 thoughts on “See Those Scars?

    • Isn’t it fabulous? My sister was visiting and she wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens and we were so lucky – there were these wonderful (and huge) garden sculptures created by teams from all over the world. What a treat! I keep hoping the BotGdns will do it again. I hope you have a good week too.

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