We Are…

black bear, Spirit Bear Lodge, Great Bear Rainforest, BC

“We are all wildlife”  seen on WWF poster


“…we are not in control. We are a part of this planet, and must learn to live within in it. Attempts to bend it to our will, ultimately, won’t work. Every place yearns to be wild. Weeds push through asphalt. Roots tap into underground piping. I think it’s time we honour our place within a living planet, and work hard to ensure that our impact doesn’t stifle the beauty and vibrancy of the wild world.” 2016 Governor General’s Award Winners Jon Erik Lappano and Kellen Hatanaka

spotted salamander, Eastern Townships, QC

“After all, we all came from water.” Big guy lifting weights at the gym last week to his trainer

Thanks to settleinelpaso for including me in the networking activity Three Days, Three Quotes.  I’m not sure if I’ll manage another quotations post but appreciate the idea as a way to reflect on the beginning of a new year!  Go check out the fun posts in Settle in El Paso, a family blog.


See Those Scars?

Mother Earth, Montreal Botanical Gardens, 2013

See those scars?

One slicing across Mother Earth’s forehead just above the eyebrows, the other across her cheeks.

Another mine blasted open, another drill driven deep.


There’s no spare planet earth


Thank you for dropping by to read this week’s Blurt. It was inspired by the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare.

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5 Things Not To Do When Your Writing Gets Stuck

Vortexit II, Bill Vazan, Réné-Lévesque Park, Lachine, QC

What’s the first thing you do when your writing gets stuck? After drinking coffee and eating chocolate, of course.

Recent comments by Canada’s Prime Minister and Finance Minister insisting they won’t change their plans for pushing forward with the Northern Gateway oil-sands pipeline despite fierce opposition provide useful insight into what not to do if you find your writing project stuck.

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