Writing Fiction, Tempting Fate?

chimneyDo you ever worry about tempting fate when you write fiction?

That if you write about x, about something nasty happening, maybe something especially nasty, you might be putting an idea or vibration out into the universe and so that something nasty will actually come to be?

Sounds crazy, I know, but I worry!

Trouble is, there’s not a whole lot of interesting things to write about if you cut out anything negative or unpleasant! Right at the beginning of Continue reading

Ginger-Haired Twins, Friday Night’s Dream and Other Superstitions

spilled saltI’m working on a story in which one of the characters is very superstitious.

I have to decide if there is a particular superstition that is especially close to her heart. If there is, it’s bound to have an effect on what happens in the story.

Sharp-bladed gifts

When my husband gave me a pair of gardening clippers for my birthday (I did ask for them!), I wouldn’t take them until Continue reading