Getting Back On The Writing Track – Off With The Email

The Beach at Montreal's Vieux Port

Beach, Vieux Port, Montreal

I’ve not had a productive summer writing-wise. All sorts of humdrum interruptions cropped up, to say nothing of those sunny summery days that simply couldn’t be spent inside (and I’ve always had trouble writing outside!).

But as the first red leaves warn of fall around the corner, my agenda warns me of upcoming visits through September, October and November. So I better get going and get something written before my guests arrive or I’ll be a surly, resentful hostess.

I’m one of those people who work best with a schedule. I’ve always worked from home (except when actually in a school gym or dance studio) so I’ve been easily available. It took a long time to persuade people that there were now certain hours I was ‘out to lunch’. I had to train myself to let the phone go on ringing (argh, but suppose it’s….).

I need to get back to my writing. To help me focus even more, I’ve decided to turn off my email during my writing hours. August seems the perfect month to do this as anyone with any sense will be beside the ocean or a pool or hiking a trail in some lonesome backcountry, far from electronic communications.

Even so, it’s hard. The first few days I couldn’t resist peeking. I’m getting better though and today I’m committing myself to NO peeking during my writing time. At all. Whatsoever. Even if I have a blank moment and am stumped with my writing. Especially if I have a blank moment.

So just one last check now, and then I’ll close my emails down. I will.

What do you do to get yourself back on track?