Shrewd Dude – From The Horse’s Mouth

Woodbine Racetrack Program 5 June 1976

Inspiration from the Time Capsule: This week I pulled out the Woodbine Official Program from 5 June 1976. Our first summer in Toronto, our first time at the races there. I wondered if we’d put a bet on the horse called Em and S seeing as my husband’s name begins with M and mine with S.

What wonderful names the horses have – Henry the Hammer, Bye Bye Paris, Indigestion, Sharp Sherry, Creme of the Crop…



Henry the Hammer was a Shrewd Dude. He knew the fuss over Little Stanley would Blow Over. There was simply No Logic to all the outrage. It was probably Indigestion. They’d all had far too much Sharp Sherry before dinner.

Sister Rosy sidled up to Henry. Be Near Me, she whispered. She, like Smart Vicky, was still in her Brief Bikini after the Dance For Charity.

Henry the Hammer tried to think of a Pat Answer, but before he could speak Oscar’s Voice rose above the din: Don’t Ask Me That!

Everyone wanted to know: What had Oscar been asked? Who had asked him? Why?

According to Pete Simon, the Trusty Forester, Victoria Champ had asked Oscar, who everyone knew was the Creme Of The Crop, if he wanted to go down to Paradise Point in the Deep Meadow with her.

Despite Royal Chocolate for dessert, Conversation faltered. The party had lost its Windy Spirit and soon everyone drifted off to their respective homes.

Sister Rosy had disappeared and so Henry the Hammer went back to his hotel. He had hoped this would be the night he’d meet his Big Destiny. Clearly that was not to be. But he did dream of an Island Fling and of a Ghostly Image with a huge Wing Span.

In the morning it was Bye Bye Paris.

This all happened long ago, in the Orange Time.

Woodbine Racetrack Program 5 June 1976


2 thoughts on “Shrewd Dude – From The Horse’s Mouth

    • I wouldn’t bet on him either! Although his jockey must have looked pretty sharp as apparently his colours were blue with a gold diamond hoop, gold bars on sleeves and a blue cap. I’m not sure I’d bet on Windy Spirit either – too easily distracted I imagine!


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