The Red Blur

big red ballThe red balls bounce and thump and careen around the park. They’re so huge that it’s impossible to grab hold of them.

Freddie’s mom, efficient as ever, gets everyone organized and together they manage to corral the balls in the wading pool. Bobbing on the water’s surface seems to calm the balls down.

At last the kids can scramble onto the swings and slides and dangle from the monkey bars and play tag.

What fun to be in the park on a hot summer’s day!

The hot dog truck truck comes by. Then the doughnut truck. The ice cream and popsicle truck.

The sun beats down. The temperature rises.

The kids throw themselves spreadeagled onto the grass, sun-burned, sticky and sweaty.

It’s not fair! Why should the red balls hog the wading pool on such a hot day?

Freddie’s mom organizes everyone once more and together they push and kick the red balls out of the pool and the kids jump in.

The relief! The splashes! The shrieks of delight!

The red balls bounce around the park, this way and that, higher and higher, and faster and faster. Soon all that can be seen is a red blur.

How will the children get out of the park? How will the parents and minders find their children?

Whose red balls are they anyway?


This is Blurt #33 in my Year of the Blurt! My new year’s resolution was to write one Blurt – quick, unplanned – each week through 2016. Most so far have been stories but there’ve also been a couple of wanna-be poems! If you’d like to read more scroll down through my blog posts or click on 2016 Thursday Blurts. Thanks for visiting.

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