Towards a Year of Creative Thinking

dancer's shadowSorting through the boxes and folders of lesson plans, lectures and articles I wrote during my years of teaching creative movement and physical theater, I found my notes for a discussion on ‘creative thinking for creative movers’.

A perfect reminder for the beginning of a new year – for movers and writers.

  • Explore
  • Shapeshift
  • Perspective shift
  • Listen to the movement [words, phrases, sentences, image…]
  • Mess up the obvious
  • Try the opposite
  • Don’t think, just get on with it
  • Wait a moment, what’s going on here?
  • Let the movement [phrase, image…] take you somewhere else – somewhere new
  • Let go of the linear – it’s a world to imagine
  • Go with your personal vision
  • Make the most of serendipity
  • Enjoy unexpected juxtapositions
  • Be here, now
  • Surprise yourself

Happy New Year!


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