Characters, Backstories and Broken Wrist.

wrist in plaster castSometimes characters appear complete with full backstory. More often they don’t. Just as in real life, a writer has to hang around to see beyond first impressions.

Broke my wrist on Saturday. Went to emergency. Still there Saturday evening. Big tough macho fella comes in with bloody hand. Bar brawl, says my husband. Nah, I say (cranky from pain + long wait so happy to argue). DIY fella showing off with machine.

Wait! Here come wife with long-suffering expression and little girl. Tough fella so happy, scoops them up with one good hand. Kiss kiss kiss. Turns out tough fella was playing with little girl and fell into glass.

Lesson to self: look beyond stereotype backstories.

Other lesson to self: tread carefully if wearing rain boots on rainy day.

I may take a break from posting on my blog for a couple of weeks as I’m not too good at typing with one hand.

What stories can you tell of breaking stereotype in your writing process?


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