Surfing the Narrative Wave (part 1)

cover of Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal by Jeanette Winterson

I am trying to read Jeanette Winterson‘s autobiography “Why be Happy When you Could be Normal?” as slowly as I can in order to enjoy it for as long as possible. But it’s not easy. As I read, I feel as I though I’m on a surfboard, being carried along by a massive wave. Once I start reading, there’s no stopping.

How does Winterson create this narrative surge? Continue reading


Flash Fiction from SmokeLong

Really enjoyed this week’s flash fiction from SmokeLong – “With Dragon” by Carol Guess and Kelly Magee. Terrific pacing. Just enough said. And fun integration of an online forum. The story added some warmth to this rather grey Montreal morning.

Freedom to Read Week

This week (February 24-March 2, 2013) is Canada’s 29th Freedom to Read Week (a project of Canada’s Book and Periodical Council). At Freedom to Read you will find posters, kits and suggestions for activities in your communities and classrooms.

I particularly like the idea of starting a Banned Book Club. The list of “challenged” books on the site includes Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”, two of my favorite reads. Do you know what books have been “challenged” in the schools and libraries in your area? Continue reading

Pandas and Authors – are they necessary?

In yesterday’s Globe and Mail article “Hilary Mantel vs. ‘plastic’ Kate Middleton: We missed the point – and Mantel was right,” Kate Taylor reports that author Hilary Mantel “comes to the conclusion that royals are like pandas, fun to look at but unnecessary.”

Are pandas unnecessary? Continue reading