“Ghost Coat” in the New Quarterly

I’m delighted to announce that my story “Ghost Coat” appears in The New Quarterly‘s spring issue “The Trickery of Spring.”

I started this story in Nancy Zafris‘ workshop at the Kenyon Review Writers’ Summer Workshop. And finished it three years later while working with mentor Caroline Adderson during the Wired Writers Workshop at the Banff Arts Centre.

I feel so lucky to have worked with two phenomenal mentors.

How many drafts? Oh, the variations this story has been through!



15 thoughts on ““Ghost Coat” in the New Quarterly

    • Hi Simona, The story isn’t online, so you’d either have to buy the print issue directly from The New Quarterly or you could try a library near you. If the library doesn’t have it, the librarian may well be able to help you find out where to get a copy. I hope you find it – good luck. Thanks for asking.


    • Thanks, Lucian. You were in that workshop so you would have heard me read the very first version of this story! If I finish my project before next summer, I will definitely consider going to Kenyon again. I recommend it to everyone!


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