A Bowlful of Haiku

IMG_4576‘Lovers and Others’ is a delightful December gathering of writers (and one drummer), hosted by Ilona Martonfi at Yellow Door in Montreal.

As the evening came to an end, visual artist and writer Verona Sorensen held out a bowl full of tiny scrolls tied with glittery gold ribbon.

They looked good enough to eat.

On each scroll was printed a haiku that had been embedded in the poem she’d read that evening.

A bowlful of haiku!

What a great idea! The perfect gift to end an evening of readings and to send one on one’s way into the dark December night!




6 thoughts on “A Bowlful of Haiku

  1. What a lovely idea! Would love to have been there. Ilona’s Yellow Door evenings are always enjoyable, with new voices and old.
    Tiny haiku scrolls would make perfect gifts for dinner or party guests too.


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